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The Portland Mint is located in Portland Oregon and was founded in 2008. We can be reached at 1-888-444-1089 or via email at sales@portlandmint.com.

The company was created to serve as a source where investors could hold a position of copper without having to pay high premiums or extreme shipping charges.

Copper dealer
As the leading online copper dealer, we offer great service and terrific prices. Our inventory volume and process of obtaining copper pennies allow us to offer the lowest price available.

Why The Portland Mint?


Price is always important in making a buying decision. We strive to provide you with investment grade copper at the lowest price possible.

We offer excellent customer service to help you with all your copper investment needs.

With our highly accurate copper sorting machines, we can guarantee that you are getting exactly what you pay for at the lowest price available.

Our storage option for the 1-ton lots is perfect for the investor ready to establish a position in real copper, without having to deal with storage and transportation of the coin.  Your copper, which is safely stored in a vault at an armored car facility, is 100% insured through Lloyd’s of London.

Not an ETF
Unlike ETF's or other companies when you buy from the Portland Mint you will be getting a product that is 100% real and fully backed. ETFs and other companies may only have a small percantage of their product on hand  This is important because if a small percentage of customers want to take possession of their investment, there will not be enough for everyone. With this company you will know that you will never have to worry about if you can actually get your copper or not.
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